Setting Goals

We can all raise our hand in admittance of knowing we need to do something yet not knowing what that something is.

How do you go from knowing to doing?

Before anything happens, we must first surrender to willingness.

Knowing is one thing. Willingness is the first step to doing.

We can all know intellectually what must be done, and those ideas can stay stuck in the mind forever.

Willingness is a deeper surrender to knowing, it’s a falling into place a course of action for doing.

After all if nothing changes…NOTHING CHANGES!

Willingness is the start of setting goals.

What would you do if you could do anything without fear of failure or ridicule.

Download this Creating Pathways Toward Wellness Worksheet 1.

Identify as many or as few goals that you have in each life area.

We must first know where we want to go if we are to ever take the steps toward getting there.