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  • When Things Feel Foreign To Us 5 Tips to Keeping it Real

    Like many, I’m scratching my head say WTH just happened?

    I’m pinching myself to wake up from this episode of Twilight Zone.

    I’m acutely aware of the ramifications of the rapid changes we are experiencing on a global level and like so many times when faced with sudden unexpected crisis.  My brain is screaming internally in a momentary panic and yet that still small voice beckons me to KEEP IT REAL !

    However, I MUST LISTEN.

    Here is where the JUST FOR TODAY part of the precepts I live by pops in.

    Truthfully, if you think about it we’ve only ever had today.

    Realistically, each moment is a gift.

    So in that awareness YOU CHOOSE what you do and who to spend your time with; it is precious so choosing wisely, reformatting your inner dialogue to one that is selective and purposeful is key to living a more peaceful and serene life at any time. Now more than ever we need to be practicing this level of patience and prioritizing and letting go of all that does not serve the higher good.  Fear mongering must  laid to rest, so we can stop battling the unseen which only makes it more difficult to go through this global pandemic intact mentally, emotionally and spiritual.

    JUST FOR TODAY surrender to the fact that our experience has changed.

    Years ago when I was walking through my cancer experience, I personally learned that I was not as powerful as I thought I’d made myself to be. I was not the legend in my own mind that could confront and handle anything any other ‘Bronx Girl” with that attitude could.  I could not see the cancer, didn’t feel it in my being, hated that it affected me and everyone around me, and I was mentally, emotionally, physically brought to my knees. I realized though that I was not powerless, I did have a choice.  And, I choose to surrender to the experience rather than fight it with fear, I confronted it boldly with faith.  And with that full assurance in my heart that I would battle on I vowed to put my faith in the fact that there is a power greater than myself, with knowledge and know how (my doctors and providers) and with the support of my friends, family and them that power unified amplified and would bring me through this experience to a new norm. And it did.

    My family grew tighter, my ability to recognize and desire to entertain BS became nil and my passion to be of service grew exponentially. I decided to make my experiences my life’s work and though I have not experienced “it all” I’ve come to accept that without a doubt that there is something beyond the pain and suffering that if we choose to harness we can and will find a way, our way, more meaning filled and purpose driven.

    All through my life experiences, I learned I am not alone and a faith in the unseen benevolent energy and fortitude within, the force of others who have walked the walk demonstrating that there is power in numbers  showed me that at any times there is a good orderly direction that forges the path ahead.  What helped the most was prioritizing what was important to me and my family, strategizing a purpose-filled plan and practicing what I preach.  Doing that I eventually came to believe and understand that there is no turning back only moving forward.

    We are power-filled in that we have choice; each day, each hour, each moment we have choice. We can choose to participate in fear, fighting, frenetic inner dialogue that serves nothing and no one, or we can choose to prioritize, become purpose-filled, and practice positivity in all our affairs.

    How to do this:

    1. Clear space (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. Light a candle, gaze at nature, go for a walk, do some yoga, knit, read inspirational materials, watch a funny move, watch people fishing, watch nature and wildlife. Whatever’s your jam, DO IT!
    2. Prioritize or set a goal for the next ten minutes, then 60 minutes, then couple of hours, the day. ONLY ONE DAY AT A TIME!
    3. Decide to be grateful. Let go of all the unwanted pent up anger, resentment, expectations, disappointments and fill up with Gratitude. Even if at first you can only mention one thing at a time. Keep a journal and fill it with observations, recollections, and dreams of gratitude for that which is to come. NEVER GIVE UP!
    4. BE kind to yourself and every living thing. Maybe for now you bunker down and just be at peace with resting, rejuvenating your physical body, noticing how you unwind into the change of pace. Lay on the floor, grass, bed and notice. When was the last time you consciously felt the soles of your feet, the fabric of your clothes against your skin, the rain on your face, the breeze through your hair. BE. Perhaps for the first time in forever we are globally being gifted this opportunity to connect or reconnects with SELF.
    5. Practices random acts of kindness. In giving we receive. Do service even from your home. Send notes, like actually paper to pen. Make calls. Be available to LIFT. We only rise when we LIFT OTHERS.

    I wish you all from the depths of my being wellness and many tomorrows!

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