Trauma & Recovery

Have you been the victim of a crime?
Is someone who “loves” you hurting you?
Did you witness a traumatic event?
Were you abused as a child or young adult?

More people in our society today are traumatized by their life experiences, things happening to or around them or in the world.

Anxiety and PTSD are rampant. But healing is possible.

Trauma and Recovery takes time.

Recovering from trauma is facilitated by working with a trained professional who can implement the latest treatment practices and techniques that will facilitate the healing necessary to overcome the experience of trauma.

1 in 3 women are the victims of sexual abuse/violence. Read more click here.
1 in 6 men have been victimized.


~ Experiencing sexual assault is never your fault.
~ You are not responsible for another person committing a crime against you.
~ Ask for help. You are not alone.
~ Any reaction or feeling after an assault is normal.
~ You have every right to be upset.
~ Take time to understand and deal with your feelings.
~ Take care of yourself.

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