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  • Top Ten Tips to Finding the Right Therapist

    Not all therapists are created equal.  It is important to feel a connection and positive rapport to your therapist. The following list are some considerations when deciding if a therapist is a good fit.  Remember not all therapist may be the fit for you and some may be what you need for now when at other times in your life a different perspective may be needed.  Consider if you would like a therapist who is:

    1. Licensed and credentialed

    2. Experienced/Has professional experience in what you need 

    3. Therapeutic Approach/Style 

    4. Male/female 

    5. Age (older, younger, same age) 

    6. Ethnicity 

    7. Race/Cultural 

    8. Language Accessibility (Language, communication style, personality) 

    9. In person vs remote 

    10. Are they LGBTQIA+ Allied

    While some things may be obvious upon meeting your therapist, other things may not be.  You have the right to ask your therapist questions.  Some questions may look like:  

    1. What is your licensure?  (Social work, Psychologist, etc…) 

    2. What experience have you had working with _____________. 

    3. What is your therapeutic style of practice?   

    4. How can I reach you if I need you?

    Welcome to a world where you can reclaim your self, increase your inner strength and feel empowered to do anything you set your mind to.  Welcome to finding the right professionally licensed therapist, committed to your success and well-being.

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