“I am forever grateful to Jackie for creating a safe, nurturing space for me to tap into my intuition. In our time together, I was able to let go of my mind chatter and connect with whatever this thing is that is always guiding me.” ~ LL (Coaching Client)

“I just think that you give me more than one way to look at things…which helps me to assess my situation and change my way of dealing with it..for that i thank you.”  ~ LB (Coaching Client)

“You have given me advice on eating well and meal planning. You’ve created groups on social media and held discussions that have helped me try to think differently about myself and how I treat and take care of myself. ”  ~ MAB (Social Media Women’s Group Participant)

“I love hearing Jackie talk about the specific demographic that she enjoys working with, the Millennials. She knows and understands the struggles that this generation faces and wants to help them figure out the solution(s). I especially appreciate that Jackie also wants to provide access to information and experts on other matters that Millennials may struggle with, but is outside her expertise. This holistic approach really sets her apart from her peers.”  ~  MS (Professional Colleague)

“You helped my daughter which in turn helped me. She was going through a really tough time socially and you taught her to believe in herself, stand up for herself and be a lot more confident. you helped her learn coping skills and even now she often stops and says “what would Jackie tell me”! This helps her to think about things differently, be less sensitive and a lot happier. We are both forever grateful and although we hope not to need your services again, we know that you are always there for us if we do!”  ~ Anonymous (Coaching Client)

“As a friend and neighbor, I can say that many times you have inspired me with your positive outlook on life and caring attitude towards everyone around you. Hearing some of your intelligent and open minded opinions have certainly left an impression. Additionally, seeing your perseverance regarding things you’re passionate about is inspiring; from your health journey to your amazing knitting projects to helping small businesses and creating your own, all of these things are a great reflection of who you are and all you have accomplished and inspires me to be better.” ~ RF (Personal Reference)

“I try and take everything you say and really apply it to my situation” ~ Anonymous (Coaching)

“Jackie gave me solid advice that is helping me past some roadblocks. Her approach is incredibly well-rounded and considers all aspects of your being.”  ~  D.M.T. (Coaching)

” Jackie has been a mentor for me and someone who I know will provide a thoughtful response to my questions. I appreciate her insights and is always looking for ways to help.”  ~ anonymous (Coaching)

“I love your ever positive attitude and your ability to always help your colleagues and friends reframe a thought in order to facilitate change. I also appreciate your willingness to BE the change, to DO the exact thing you encourage your clients to do. You practice what you preach and your tagline is so much more than just a tagline. Your tagline is WHAT YOU DO!”

~ Paige Koeberle, Clean Slate Essentials