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  • Talk They Hear You

    by Sharon Flores, LCSW

    Dear Parents or Guardians.

    If you have teens, tweens, or young adults this information is for you.

    The number one complaint I hear from parents is “my children don’t talk or listen to me”!! The number one complaint I hear from your children is “my parents don’t listen to me; or my parents don’t have time for me”!! This campaign “Talk They hear You” will help you have open honest discussions with your children about any topics. It focuses on talking to your children about the risk factors associated with using substances and alcohol, but you can make the topic to talk to your child about anything. Wouldn’t you prefer being the person your child talks to about the temptation, and peer pressures they may be having about experimenting with these substances; rather than having their peers give them the wrong information.

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    The goal is to initiate open honest communication between parents and their child/ren.

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions after reviewing the information. My email is [email protected]


    Sha’ron Flores, LCSW