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  • Suzette Corona, LMSW

    Suzette is a Fordham Graduate with experience working for the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. Since obtaining her Masters of Social Work, she has worked with families and children in processing trauma, creating a tool box of coping skills when they are facing their triggers and navigating the child welfare system. This work has taught her how to assess for safety, strengthen her active listening skills and investigative skills to better guide her clients.

    Clinical Approach: 

    As a LMSW, Suzette believes that the client is the expert of their own life. She encourage clients to take lead of the session and discuss what they feel is necessary to share. She likes to use motivational interviewing to encourage the client to step out of out their comfort zone and really explore their areas of concern. She welcome casual language if it helps the client express how they feel. 

    Specializes in working with: 

    • School Age Children (5-18 years old) 
    • Young Adults 
    • Individuals with a Latino Background 
    • Clients who don’t want to speak 
    • Trauma