22+ Years of Experience Inspiring Women

to create pathways to wellness through Personal Development and Mindfullness Practices.

The benefits of my years of experience, as well as my traditional training as a licensed clinical social worker, are that you will be guided to start your journey where you are at with the expertise of a professional and the relatability of a coach.

Jackie is a sought-after counselor and coach for women in various stages of the life transitions.

Jackie has been professionally speaking, coaching and counseling since 1995.

As a licensed clinical social worker turned coach and mentor,  Jackie combines a unique understanding of deep transformational work needed to undo negative core beliefs that hold us back from realizing our fullest potential.

With meaningful life experiences and wisdom, Jackie shows women how to break free from the overwhelm and finally live the life of their dreams, one that they themselves have designed. On that they can confidently and fearlessly be proud of.

When you choose me, you get a wealth of goodness: a licensed clinical social worker and coach, an educator with over 22 years experience working with wellness clients & a business savvy mentor & a mom who knows how to prioritize & balance life.

Not only does Jackie’s life experiences qualify her but her perpetual craving to learn more drives her to bring you the latest and greatest resources from across the wellness world.

Speaking Topics

  • The Mindful Millennial
  • Mindfullness Practices – Breath and Spirit
  • Facilitated Relaxation
  • Reiki Dynamics for Relaxation and Stress Managment
  • Fiber Arts and the Creative Mind
  • How the way our Brains are Wired
  • Yoga for every day anywhere

Speaking Experience

  • Speaking on a variety of staff development Events at:
  • North Central Bronx Hospital 1995-1997
  • Montefior Hospital 1997
  • Lawrence Hospital 1998
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital 1998
  • Hudson River Community Health 1998-2005
  • Dynamic Intervention Wellness Solutions 2005-present
  • Guest speaker at NYU
  • Speaker at local Library Wellness Events 2005-present
  • Speaker at Business Network International Chapter Events 2014-present
  • Speaker on Panel at Ulster Community College, Women’s OWN IT Conference – 2016 and 2017
  • Public Access Television Channel 8
  • Pawling Public Radio – The Tina Show

Speaking formats include seminars, trainings, keynotes, tele-classes, public radio, public access television

Speaking Focus

Inspiring women emerging from adolescents to harness their unique power to live a life of their own design.
Designing a successful personal practice in alignment with in your personal strengths, personality, style, lifestyle preferences and more.

Speaking Style

Jackie loves to engage an audience with important content in a dynamic and experiential way making the experience both memorable and practical to use time and time again.
Jackie finds it useful to share personal fau pas as well as lessons learned in both a humble and growth and solution focused way.
Her style can be humorous and disarmingly down-to-earth in the way that shares the complexity and vulnerability of the human experience that inspires and instils hope that life is not just meant to survive but to thrive inspired by it.

Speaking Audience:

Networking groups
Live tele-classes



Christen has spent most of her life learning and loving working with children, animals and volunteering in her community.  She spent most of her younger years as a Girls Scout and later as a camp counselor.  She worked in a variety of ways always providing education to children, both as a Junior docent at the NY BRONX ZOO, and in her work with families at the Family Assessment Center in Westchester county and Armes Acres, Bronx Campus.  Christen is an avid learner and you can always find her reading, or taking continuing education classes.

Clinical Staff:

All clinicians have gone through an extensive interview process.  They are licensed and insured and hand picked by Jackie to provide like minded support to the clients we serve.  If you would like more information about your clinician, please feel free to ask then during your intake.


If you are experiencing debilitating symptoms, finding it hard to cope with the day to day stressors of life or have been suffering with a devastating habit perhaps you need some direction to overcome this first.

If you feel you are at risk of harm to yourself or another, or if someone is harming you, you definitely need to get that in check before you go any further.

If coaching is not right for you NOW, I am happy to connect you with the resources that will help you. These services may be insurance reimbursable depending on your unique situation.