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  • Seeds of Hope

    by Jacqueline Muller, LCSW-R

    Fiber art is a unique way to reduce stress and create relaxation. Many people seek various types of meditative practices, fiber arts is one of them. In her book, Knit for Health & Wellness, Betsan Corkhill lays out for the reader the benefits and the research behind the art of knitting.

    Knitting is only one of many fiber arts. However, as many fiber artists find out, their passion whether it is knitting, crochet, or other needle works creates space where the ultimate goal, once the skill is learned, is the sense of peace and relaxation.

    Fiber arts along with creating that sense of peace and relaxation, is a catalyst for conversation that helps even the less extraverted feel more included and comfortable. Just join a local group and find conversations varying from home, life, dreams, experiences, to work, expertise, and more. Each group has it unique vibe, all groups will have laughter that will wax and wane and wax again, yet, the common thread that permeates the realm of fiber artists everywhere is the passion to see their Seeds of Hope grow into a work of art to gift to them self or others.

    Find out more about fiber arts and the relaxation response by following along for our stitch of the month and attending any of the upcoming events at Dynamic Intervention Wellness Solutions in Pawling, NY or join and connect with fiber artists (beginners to more experienced) around the world. Be sure to look for me. User Name: JackieKnitsAlot

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