Discovery Session

Ready to break free of other’s opinions and start counting on yourself?

Ready to see if I’m the right blend of coaching and mentoring for you and your life?

Then here’s the first step…

In this coaching session, here’s what we will do:

  •  Clarify what you’d like to be different about your life and the deal breakers and deal makers for making this work for you.
  •  Uncover the mindset obstacles that may be holding you back from achieving these goals.
  • Outline a plan of action for transforming your mindset and create simple steps that honor ALL of your life: career focus, life purpose, relationships, finances, etc…
  • If I think we are a great fit, and that I can absolutely get you where you want to go, then we’ll also talk about the possibility of working together and what that would look like. Sound good?

Normally, I charge $247 for this time, but this session is absolutely free for qualified applicants. This is my way of seeing if I can indeed be of help and making sure I am the right coach for you.

I am mindful to only work with people that have a strong level of commitment to becoming their best. And I am sure that you have some expectations to, please share them in the application.

To see if we are a good fit apply for your free discovery session. Here’s how.

  1.  Submit your application HERE.
  2.  I’ll contact you within 24 business hours to let you know if your application for a free session is accepted.
  3.  You will receive a link to my schedule and you pick a time convenient for you.

It’s as simple as that. So what are you waiting for. Take the first step today.  CLICK HERE.