Reiki Pathway

Reiki, a healing practice developed by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan.

During a retreat, Dr. Usui found he was able to connect to consciousness energy by mindfully shifting from mundane to more focused thought. In modern days we call such mindfullness meditation. Achieving this state of mind takes practice.

Dr. Usui further found, by placing hands with mindful thought on a person or situation, he was able to facilitate a healing experience for others. This practice we know to be called Reiki, creates the dual focus of awareness needed for relaxation and healing physically and mentally.

Reiki practice therefore is mindfulness meditation and consciously positioning hands and/or thoughts on the body or situation. This practice creates the ability for focus relaxation so that healing of mind and/or body intrinsically occurs.

Dr. Usui used this practice widely in Japan with astounding results and taught a select few practitioners, who in turn taught others and so on. Reiki practice has grown internationally and is taught in training institutes, hospitals, classrooms and in personalized workshops by certified practitioners all over the world.

For a downloadable brochure click Reiki Brochure Updated January 2017.