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  • Reiki Dynamics by Jacqueline Muller, LCSW-R

    Reiki is a healing technique originating from Japan.
    Reiki is used to promote relaxation and stress management. ​
    Reiki is sourced from the energy of healing that is known to all by many names.
    Reiki is a spiritual discipline, meant to compliment existing belief systems not replace them.
    Reiki facilitates relaxation the state of being that allows our body to rest and heal.
    Reiki does not replace traditional medical care, rather it compliments it.

    To learn more about Reiki and how it can support your wellness, visit one of our Groups. Reiki Dynamics at DIWS every 1st Friday, 39 Old Route 55, Pawling, NY at 6pm and/or Breath and Spirit every 2nd Thursday, 1072 Route 311, Patterson, NY at 7pm at Inner Balance Studio. or call Jackie 845-702-1042.

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