Reiki Dynamics

Reiki, pronounced Rei (ray) Ki (key) stands for Rei = Universal Ki = life force.

Reiki is the connection to that which sources all that is alive.

Reiki is a healing technique for relaxation and stress reductions.

Reiki is used to facilitate the relaxation response.

It is believed if we can consciously relax the physical body, our own innate healing capabilities will activate.

Practiced one to one, or in a group setting. Reiki is becoming more popular in hospitals and treatment facilities.

Reiki is used as a complimentary practice and should never replace standard medical care.

Reiki practitioners live their life according to these precepts:

Just for today, let go of anger.
Just for today, let go of worry.
Just for today be kind, to yourself, your neighbor and every living thing.
Just for today do your work honestly.
Just for today have gratitude for your many blessings.

To learn more about Reiki attend our next Reiki Dynamics group, held every 1st Friday of the month or call 845-702-1042.

Someone will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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