Reiki Class & Training Requisites

Reiki Dynamics
~ beginner level group
~ meets monthly on 1st Friday
~ 1 and 1/2 hour per session.
~ basic introduction to meditation
~ topic Discussion
~ hands on healing in a group
~ questions and answers about Reiki
~ information about the benefits of practice for self and/or others

Reiki Level I Training
~ beginner level group – (attend at least 1 Reiki Dynamics or have an Intro to Reiki with a DIWS practitioner)
~ Scheduled every 3 months.
~ 15 hrs = 10 sessions 1 and 1/2 hrs
~ learn the history of Reiki
~ deepen meditation practice
~ develop understanding of daily precepts
~ learn palm healing techniques
~ receive level I attunements for self practice and non-professional practice for others
~ Earn Reiki I Certification.
~ Certificate provided at completion

Reiki Level II Training (pre-req Reiki I with DIWS practitioner)
~ ADVANCED level group
~ 20 hours 10 sessions 2 hrs per session.
~ Deepen your meditation practice
~ develop more comprehensive understanding of the reiki principals
~ learn Reiki symbols for practice with palm healing techniques
~ learn Reiki mantras to deepen healing practice
~ learn about chakras
~ understand the use of chakra theory in Reiki practice
~ receive attunement to the second level of Reiki for the healing self and professional use with others
~ Earn Reiki II Certification. Certificate provided at completion.

Advanced Reiki Practitioner (pre-req Reiki I & II with DIWS practitioner)

~ ADVANCED level individual
~ 1 year self paced program for those seeking to deepen their own practice and receive Advance Reiki Practitioner Certificate
~ Keep Active journal at least 3-5 enteries per week.
~ Participate in at least 1 Reiki level I and 1 level II classes.
~ Read at least 2 required readings from a list of options.
~ meet quarterly with Reiki Master Teacher for 1 hour in person or via teleconference.

Reiki Mastership (pre-req Reiki I & II with DIWS practitioner)

~ ADVANCED level group
~ 1 year requisite program to become a Reiki Master Teacher.
~ Keep an active journal at least 3-5 entries per week.
~ attend Reiki Dynamics and co-facilitate at least 2 lessons.
~ become confident in your understanding of this beautiful healing art and practice.
~ learn and deepen your understanding of the precepts, mantras, symbols and palm healing techniques
~ attend and participate in at least 2 Reiki Level I and Level II classes
~ co-facilitate a group to teach others about Reiki.
~ learn the Reiki Mastership symbol and attunement process.
~ Read at least 3 required readings from a list of options.
~ receive mastership attunement.
~ Earn Advance Reiki Certificate for self paced candidates.
~ Earn Reiki Mastership Certification for RMT Candidates. Certificate provided at completion.
~ Meet Monthly with Reiki Master Teacher for 1 hour in person or via teleconference.

Private Session:
For those who wish to have more individualize healing in a private and confidential setting.