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  • Playing in the Pause

    Forced or not, we are all in the pause together.

    Practicing something that helps us play is just what this therapist orders.

    Medication, in some chronic situations is needed, but what happens when we are faced with an acute traumatic experience such as your reality being changed up all of a sudden.

    Now weeks into this global pause people are chattering about what will happen, what could happen, what is happening etc.  All around us FEAR or false evidence appearing real and it is dictating what way we think, how we feel and ultimately our mood.

    Some people are suffering in silence cut of from social connections. Some are more testy and definitely lashing out by projecting their frustration on unrelated people, places, things and pets.

    What if there was another way to process the pause? What if we took this time to think outside the box, perhaps go back in memory lane and recall the way we used to play. Playing in the pause is just one way to experience this time in a constructive way.

    I may be talking a bit old school, or perhaps you younger folk may have to go way back to early childhood to recall how use of paper, pen/pencil was a way to let our imaginations run wild.

    What made us stop doing something so simple, inexpensive and accessible?

    Was the world running you too fast that you found it hard to silence your endless to do list?

    Now is the time to harness your brilliance and embrace the pause.

    Take out pen and paper and explore where you can go. No criticism. No critique. Just your paper and pencil and your imagination.

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