Pet Bereavement

If you have loved an animal and lost that companion to a sickness resulting in death, or an involuntary loss, loosing your fur family can be devastating.

Unlike loosing a human, or job, or money, where others are eager to demonstrate active support and encouragement, pet loss is often times something suffered alone.

Even if you are lucky enough to get a few words of encouragement from a friend or family member, more often than not people quickly forget the significance of your connection and will minimize it or suggest you to get another pet.

Pet Bereavement is real.

Some of the experiences people share are:

A sense of overwhelming loss.
Grief and sadness remembering times spent with your companion.
Sudden change of routine.
Finding memorabilia sporadically around the home.
Being reminded of your companion every time you see a similar breed.
Having to make the decision to euthanize.
Wondering if you made the right decision.

All of the above are examples of what people have shared as their experience with pet bereavement.

If you have had a pet loss feel free to contact 845-702-1042.


Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

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