Parenting Partnership

It takes a village to raise a child.

No one person can know all there is to create and sculpt a human being.

Biologically many are equipped to form the physical being, but what does it take to produce a self actualized and balanced productive member of society.

A Village.

Parenting Partnership is an attempt to create a sense of commUNITY. Long ago when people lived in tribal commUNITIES various people contributed to the task or rearing the tribes youth.

In today’s world however where commuting to and from work eats into family time, and schedules are compacted into a few hours a day, many parents find it difficult if not impossible to learn the needed skills to address their young people as individuals.

Sure we have teachers and schools that instill strength in subject matters geared to promote success in academia. Yet polices and procedures prohibit the all too important content of instilling beliefs and encouraging queries from our youth that would prompt discussion and strengthen cognitive process in areas needed to be successful.

Far too often we leave to change that our children will learn how to play nice with others, consider and give service to their peers, and encourage others rather than ridiculing or ignoring those who are different.

Parent Partnership is here to support you in positive parenting strategies across the spectrum.

Our Groups and activities as well as our blog will touch on topics that have been brought to us by people just like you, seekers of spirit and personal development. We believe inside each person is a spirit that strives and thrives on personal development. And that with conscientious guidance our young people can find their way more quickly and strategically.

The time of leaving everyone up to their own devices is over. It is a time for intentional living, and parenting partnership is here to support you in providing the guidance for you and your family now and for generations to come.

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