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  • No Sweat Fitness

    Ever wish you could work out and not sweat?

    Wish that things would not be so challenging?

    Or, that life in general would feel easier and things would go your way more often than not?

    You are not alone.

    Some of the most successful people struggle with fitness of any kind, but “no sweat” things are about to get easier.  Mental fitness is perhaps the single most important focus in today’s society and definitely impacts the ability to do what needs to get done, when it needs to get done and with peak performance. 

    People just like you find themselves running in literal circles to keep up the pace and here’s the truth, they have created the hamster wheel for themselves only to find they are stressed out and burned out all the while the to-do list keeps growing faster and longer as the day goes on and the juggle becoming a struggle. 

    It may be hard to swallow, but the truth is most people are the co-creators of their own drama. Creating your own drama is a reactive survival mindset.  Most want to point the finger and lay blame for the story that they have co-created.  And yet the remedy to truly creating the life you want to live is pretty simple if you let me explain. 

    There are 3 key mental awarenesses I want to point out to you, like muscles, you strengthen and that can be life changing. Read on if you are curious.

    Imagine for a minute a major concern you have at the moment.  Did you fail an exam, miss an important appointment, forget a special occasion, fail to motivate or sustain your motivation toward a goal you have.  Now imagine what life would look like if it were even 10% better.  Keep going,  now imagine that compounding 10% day by day until you are living the life you want and by your own design. 

    What does that life look like? 

    Here’s what’s stopping you (meaning all of us)

    Many of us are so caught up in the day in day out that we don’t take a moment to tune into the key mental muscles, and old programing is operating just under the radar enough to sabotage any best intended efforts.  We are on autopilot.  Those underlying survival mindsets, I call mine gremlins, are what basically operates us in our personal life, professionals life and in our  relationships.  Awareness of what these mindsets are will both point to their strengths and to their weaknesses.  Being able to find the pause and pass the leadership over to a more intentionally driven, empathetic and creative mindset is how to  take back the inner workings so that we are the one more rationally and consciously in control rather than these unseen and yet very powerful protective forces within.  

    Don’t worry it’s not all bad and you are not living in an imaginary world, it’s  actually good and it’s very real. You see our greatest weaknesses are also our greatest strengths if handled consistently and with care.  Curious? Let’s dissect.

    If we look at the human mind for a moment; the human mind is made of many complex systems that operates us physically mentally, and emotionally. These systems are set to help us survive, but underlying that is our unique greatness, a pre-given temperament that at times may or may not have understood it’s interpretations but nonetheless kicked in and created neural pathways that activated in a way to help us avoid danger, real or perceived.

    So you have an alerting system, that causes a reaction which ultimately may or may not be based on sound information, nor need the level of reaction that gets triggered and sets in motion another serious of reactions that hopefully get the response needed to allow your system to settle.  Or the opposite some triggering experience are fueled by inordinate amount stress/trauma, etc… resulting in maladaptive patterns that cause mild to severe consequences in our personal life, professional life and relationships and the impact on a spectrum of severity can vary depending on your ability to harness your ability to redirect yourself to more rational emotionally literate responses.  

    There are many layers to uncovering the power and strength of your mental muscles. 

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