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  • Mental Fitness Check-up

    It is as important to focus on your mental health as it is on your physical health, both are integrated and cannot be looked at separately.  We are composed of so many overlapping life areas and each should be considered when trying to evaluate mental fitness.   

    Score 1 – 5 for each of the following items: (1 = least applicable and 5 = most applicable)


        • Insight: You reflect on your life experiences to deepen your self understanding
        • Introspection:  You examine your mental/emotional processes to illicit life lessons.
        • Positive Self-Talk: you notice your self-talk is mostly positive
        • ANTs: You notice that your thoughts are automatically negative.
        • Concentration: Your attention is on task for the time it takes to complete the task.
        • Intensity:  You perform on task to the level needed for the best outcomes.
        • Mindfulness: You able to stay in the moment.
        • Visualization: You are able to imagine your goals/best self.
        • Stress Reduction/Relaxation: You practice regular and consistent relaxation.


        • Self-care: You practice regular self care.
        • Exercise:  You move your body for the purpose of exercise.
        • Physical Health:  You have no health issues.
        • Health Compliance:  If you have health issues you are managing it with your doctor. 


        • Relationships:  You have healthy and supportive relationships.
        • Family: You have regular & supportive family relationships.
        • Social: You have friends whom you identify as supportive and can rely on.
        • Significant other: Your significant other is supportive and considers your needs.
        • Hobbies/Interests:  You have hobbies or interests that you are passionate about.
        • Community:  You have a social/religious/local community organization you participate in. 
        • Spirituality:  You have a spiritual practice that connects you to a sense of purpose.
        • Emotions:  You observe emotions that come up and let them go, you are not controlled by them.


        • Food Security: You have enough to  eat daily.
        • Food Sustainability: You have enough healthy food choices and access to them regularly.
        • Presentable Clothing: You have presentable clothing that is appropriate to the climate/season.
        • Housing Security: You have a clean and safe place to live.
        • Financial Wellness:  You fully meet your current and future financial obligations.
        • Financial Security:  You feel secure in your ability to make choices that allow you to enjoy life and secure your financial future.

    TOTAL:  ____________ 

    If this caused you to realize you have some things you would like to change, contact your trusted person and discuss and/or schedule a discovery session with one of our clinicians. 

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