Meet Jackie

jackieHi I’m Jackie Muller and I’ve been a licensed clinical social worker in New York State for over 22 years. I specialize in working with women to overcome trauma and limiting beliefs so that they embrace the gifts and strengths that they have and design the life they’ve dreamed of.

I have a dynamic style of dancing between counseling and coaching which facilitates growth, is a transformative and interactive cognitive behavioral process, and one that will be guaranteed to reprocess limiting beliefs into something more liberating.

I know this to be true because over the years and along my own to SELF I have learned to master a variety of practices that when implemented strategically unblock and open up the clarity needed to find a pathway to wellness. What worked for me may not be your exact recipe for success, but what I know to be true the road traveled with another holds one accountable to identify and take the steps necessary to reach your goals and live a life of your own design.

I am on a mission to help women BE THE CHANGE they wish to see in their lives. There is no need to linger or delay progress. Together we will make magical things happen.