If prayer is asking for help, guidance, healing, meditation is listening for the answer.

In the hustle and bustle of life it is easy to get lost in disconnection from that part of our self, a higher consciousness, that if listened to can almost always steer us on course for our highest good.

It’s the still small voice of that feeling, you know that one deep down inside. Your gutt.

There are many ways to meditate. As many ways as there are people.

Each person will instinctually know what is their meditation path if they still the body, settle the mind, and stay alert while relaxed.

Meditation does not have to be sitting cross legged chanting OM though it can be.

The following list is a variety of ways one can meditation:

Listen to quiet music.
Walk in nature.
Sit in silence.
Go for a run.
Practice Yoga.
Practice Reiki.
Go for a long quiet drive.
Do something mindfully.
Listen or watch a guided meditation.
Go for a long quiet drive.
Mindfully watch the breath entering and leaving the body.

Can you think of any others? Click here and send us your ideas.

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