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  • Meditation Mindfulness and De-stress

    MEDITATION, go on you know you just imagined someone sitting cross legged, close eyed chanting OM, yet the truth be told. Meditation is any practice that is repetitive and uses a dual focus/ stimulation of the brain, meaning meditation can be active to. You can use any time to meditate when you are walking, exercising, writing out your goals in a journal. Be mindful of what you are doing and you are in essence starting to meditate.
    Meditation and mindfullness are similar in that you are consciously taking the time to practice thought stoppage and redirections of your mental focus. Ideally you are able to do your meditation uninterrupted by others, however if you are mindful, even allowing yourself to be fully present and enjoying the moment with others can be meditative.
    So whether you sit cross legged, close eyed and chant OM, or you are open eyed, focused on an object or word, walking, actively in the moment or even like me now writing this days entry, meditation is when you slow it all down and are one with your self, your higher self and enjoying the moment without running the daily to do list in the background.
    As I said there are many benefits to this DAILY (sometimes more often throughout the day) practice.
    The key word here is practice. So find one that suits you, start off small maybe 5 minutes at first and do it at least once a day, on your lunch brake, in your car “BEFORE YOU DRIVE”, on the walk around the grocery store, having an after school snack with the kids, heck go in the bathroom and give yourself a time out.
    In the comments section let me know if you did something mindfully today and were you able to let stress go for a few minutes?

    For those of you who would like a minute to de-stress with some visual aid click here.

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