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  • A Little Bit of Yoga in Your Life

    Ever find yourself at a quandary? You know what you have to do, finding the time to do it is another question.

    More often than not, many of us leave our physical health on the back burner, taking for granted that it will be there when we need it, only to find that perhaps we’ve atrophied quite a bit, or worse we are dealing with a health crisis.

    Getting our thoughts in alignment with our practice, a practice, any practice is key to maintaining a life style with a healthy body.

    Find the time for a little bit of yoga in your life.

    A few minutes of using your own body to stretch, weight train, resisting the urge to sit and be sedentary will go a long way.

    You know the old adage you don’t use it you loose it.

    Why not find 15-30 minutes and start a practice you can do anywhere.

    Today I took a client’s cancelation and in that time I honored my own practice.

    Would love to hear what you did today.

    Feel free to comment below. And share your pictures of practice on DIWS page.

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