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  • Focusing on JoyFear

    Life is a series of refocusing the lens.

    The lens of how you view yourself in relation to the world.

    What makes you tick and do the things you do?

    Today while journaling I focused on contentment.

    In the past I would be clouded by discontentment, second guessing myself, and indecision. I couldn’t imagine any other way, and then I found the path.

    My pathway to wellness, comprised of a variety of personal practices that include: raising children to be human “Beings”, Yoga, Reiki, Earth based ceremony, nature, hiking/walking, biking, knitting/fiber arting, reading, learning, eating well and learning about nutrition, growing things (plants), caring about animals, and the list could go on.

    I no longer entertain that old mental processing of self doubt and condemnation. I have my moment, I am human, and then I ask self what is the next right action.

    I still may need to run it by a trusted traveler on my path, but in the end I make decisions much more quickly and in alignment with my truth.

    How may I be of service?

    This is the question that has permeated my life. Every action, inaction, or consideration has come from this core desire to be of service. No wonder I have stayed in relationships far too long, taken on more than is humanly possible, and basically dabbled in what seems like every variety of modalities and practice(s) that worked for me.

    All this was necessary to be exactly where I am today. About to embark on a journey with a lens that is so on point that can feel every cell in my body dancing with excitement. This is, Leo Babauta calls it, JoyFear and I like it.

    JoyFear is not something to be shied away from. Instead seek it, recognized it, and embrace it.

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