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  • Faithful and Fearless I AM

    Why do I do what I do?
    Many have asked me and all I can say is I can’t help myself. I can’t imagine doing anything else.
    You see, I have made my life journey my work and I have come to realize that every fiber of my being wants to help others lessen the load.
    In the process of helping another life traveler we both are enriched in the mutual connection of having a human existence and the exchange of energy that connects us reaches between and beyond the physical to the very essence within each of us.
    Here are the top 10 things about me that may help you understand me more:
    10. I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH. I wasn’t always so focused as a matter of fact in todays school system I might have been diagnosed with ADD and medicated, but I’ve somehow learned ways to manage my attention and focus without the aide of a medication/drugs.
    9. I VALUE SOLITUDE EQUALLY WITH CONNECTIVITY. I have tons of friends, but consider myself a situational extravert. I definitely find quiet time much needed solitude for recharging.
    8. I FAIL FORWARD. Everything I have learned along the way was as a result of failures. Failure to progress = I survived 3 c-sections, Failure to stay married = surviving Alcoholic/abusive partners, Failure to fail= surviving childhood trauma, Failure to die = Surviving Cancer. Not only did I fail at these things, I sur-thrived and feel fortunate for the journey I was forced to take the road less traveled.
    7. I LOVE MY FAMILY. My best friend is my sister.
    6. I LOVE MY ANIMALS. My animals re my fur-babies, and I choose to Adopt and love them till the end.
    5. I LOVE MY CHILDREN. My purpose is my 3 children, my niece and my nephew(s).
    4. I LOVE TO KNIT and everything Fiber Art.
    3. Meditate before I medicate is my mantra. Relaxation and stress management are a must.
    2. LOVE IS LIMITLESS. My Love is limitless, and I will help others with every fiber of my being.
    1. I AM LOVE. I BELIEVE and therefore I AM. I am faith filled and fearless, because of the other important things and people in my life, and more importantly because of my understanding of a power greater than myself that exists in and around and through all of us.

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