Dear Young Adult

Who’s finally ready to get it together and create a REAL life for themselves that they can feel truly proud of?

If you’re early 20s to early 30s, and you want to become more independent, but you’re struggling with how to do this, the following may sound familiar…

You’re experiencing a lingering dependence on your parents and what feels like other people’s opinions and you wished this was different…

You wish you felt more “in charge” of your life, and you yearn to be able to do many things on your own, but something always gets in the way…

You have tried to clarify and voice your own thoughts about life and work, but it feels so easy to get swept away in other people’s thoughts, ideas and opinions

You try to set goals and get focused, but often get stuck in overwhelm, stress or the very goals you set seem to move further and further away instead of closer

You’d really like to find your place and purpose in the world, but sometimes you worry that you’ll never break free of what feels like a kind of delayed adolescence or that you’ll forever end up as a “failure to launch” type.

You sometimes even feel pulled by different “parts” of yourself: one part secretly wishes you could stay in this place and let someone else decide for you, another is mad at yourself, and another part is perplexed by how others seem to confidently navigate this phase of life, and yet another part wonders if you missed some key education that others seem to have had.

Whatever you’re feeling and experiencing in this phase of life, I want you to know, it’s very, very common. And there’s a definite way out.

Let’s first figure out how you got here, okay?

On a good note, you probably have had very loving parents (perhaps even overly loving). Maybe you were lucky to have many “ creature comforts” as they say that gave you a baseline of comfort and ease in life.

Or in other cases, you may have had NOTHING like this, no base of support, no loving parents, and no one to teach you how to become an adult.

In BOTH cases, the result can often lead to a crisis of confidence.

The kind that makes you secretly think that you really can’t do “it” on your own or worse, that you weren’t meant for anything of value.

Listen, it’s not really your fault.

Whether you had very involved parents or absent parents or some other variation, if you were never given the right tools, training and personal guidance to become an adult that thrives in all areas of life, how could you have landed in a different place in life?

Add to this a school system that teaches you the “book stuff” but not the “how to do life” stuff and it’s no wonder many young people flounder.

Smart, capable and willing young people everywhere today are struggling with the disconnect between the push to be great in school and the lack of guidance on real life matters like work, relationships, making good life decisions and more.

The result is an epidemic of people, in their 40s and 50s, who wake up with a deep sense of dissatisfaction and wonder “hey wait a minute, I did what I was told to do and this is my life?? Why doesn’t it feel like MY life?”

The good news is, there is a better way.

There are a set of skills that you can learn that can help you decipher what you’ve been told to do with your life and what’s actually a true fit for YOU.

You can learn to think critically about your life and work decision and choose wisely…

You can learn how to change the course of your life, no matter what others say…

You can even learn to think for yourself like Angelina who struggled to find her niche. After several false starts in college she finally decided that she was not meant to be a nurse or social worker like many in her family, she just wasn’t cut out to do that kind of work. With the development of some really portable practices she learned to calm her mind, focus her thoughts and identify what she was truly passionate about. Now well on her way to a fitness and nutrition career, Angelina has stepped outside her comfort zone, trained and successfully competed in several Spartan races, completing what is called a trifecta, a feat not for the weak of heart, mind or muscles. She is enrolled in college and is working on a degree in nutrition. Angelina is coaching others to achieve their goals; keeping them accountable, motivating them, and guiding them to eat and live more healthily.  She even inspires others to challenge themselves and take on the Spartan challenge.

You too can create a true confidence in your self and ultimately live a life that fits YOU, your goals, your vision of happiness and that will make you proud.

I’ve been there too!

Hi, I am Jackie Muller, a licensed clinical social worker, professional coach and creator of the Dynamic Intervention System for Families and their young person called the Family Partnership.

I too was once lonely and frustrated by the discouraging guidance of those who “knew best for me.”

So much so that at the young age of 20, I found myself confused by the whole adult thing.

I was under skilled, under educated, unemployed and the mother of a newborn baby girl.

I didn’t have a clue of what I wanted to be when I grew up, and found myself in a life that got real, really fast.

After the wake up call of becoming a young mother, I vowed not to become the “failure to launch” statistic and to create a life by my own design.

Rather than surrender to defeat, I put on my big girl shoes and left no rock unturned, no doorway unopened and now, here I am today ready to show you how.

Almost 30 years later, as I look back, I can now to tell you that with courage and the proper guidance you will be successful at anything you set your mind toward.

Since then I’ve developed a signature system for helping Young Adults, like you, who want more, but just aren’t sure how to get there, and aren’t even sure they CAN get “there.”

I bridge the gap between the intellectual “stuff” they taught you in school, and the real life “stuff” on how to be a happy, confident and successful adult on your own terms, including handling life’s curveballs that typically throw you off track whenever you have tried to do this on your own in the past.

I promise you, if you’re ready to realize your true purpose, and get clear about what you want and how to create it, and finally tackle the adult role of making decisions uninterrupted by and un influenced by well meaning others, then you are definitely in the right place.

Take the first step and see if this is right for you. APPLY FOR A FREE DISCOVERY SESSION.

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