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  • Creating Pathways Toward Wellness

    by: Jacqueline Muller, LCSW-R

    It’s one thing to dream, it’s another to create a vision. Without a general idea what your would like to see manifest in your life you my friend are simply day dreaming. Don’t get me wrong, day dreaming can be fun, but it doesn’t really get the job done. Take a few minutes to begin to think about the various areas of your life. Your career/school/causes, your relationships, your finances (or lack of Mulah), your health and wellness, your time for fun and recreation, and your spirituality or connection to yourself and the larger picture.

    Career/school/causes drive us to do the meaningful work in our life that we believe will bring us closer to a sense of purpose. You may be involved in one or all three areas, whatever you do you are more than likely doing rather than being present as you push along day by day getting the job done. But what if you didn’t just get the job done? What if you designed the connection you would like to feel by identifying real measurable goals in this and all areas of your life.

    Relationships are wonderful, again, how often do we say if only I had more time I’ld love to call, spend time with, do (name activity) with someone we love and treasure. Is it time we need, or more clear commitment to setting the date and doing what we feel would foster and strengthen the bonds of relationship? Isn’t it time to start actually creating the meaningful memories that we yearn.

    Let’s shine a light on finances. Open your purse or wallet. Go on. Do you see what you want in there or are you toting around a pocket full of plastic attached to some pretty hefty interest rates. If you are like most you probably don’t even remember when the feel of cash-ola rubbed through your fingers, or perhaps you do but it doesn’t quite happen enough or it’s so fleeting the moment is over and the cash is gone before you recognized it passing through your fingers. Things have got to change and if you stick around I’ll show you some simple steps to work toward even the craziest wildest goals you can think up.

    First things first. How’s your health? You are going to need it if you want to see your dreams become realized. Stress is the #1 leading cause of most dis-eases. Stress leads to addictions, anxiety, depression, cardiac and other health concerns. It’s time to take a reality check and get real with yourself. How are you taking care of you?

    By this point you get the picture. We will be addressing all these areas in more depth in the upcoming posts. But nows the time to consider how many times have you actually said “I need to start….” Well if you want to see things happening you have to stop stopping. The only person who is going to help this process happen is you. I’m here and willing to be your guide; to help you maintain some accountability. Are you ready? If so call today for a complimentary telephone consult. Get started on your way to creating your pathway toward wellness. Download this Creating Pathways Toward Wellness Worksheet 1 to start finding your wellness path . And if you are so inclined visit back often to our website. For up to date wellness events follow us on FB click HERE.