Counseling vs Coaching

Counseling vs Coaching

As a licensed clinical social worker, aka therapist, I am often asked about what I do, how I help people, what recommendations I may have for a particular situations, etc…

A common question I am asked:

What is difference between counseling and coaching?

While most therapist would see a major difference in the focus of the work they do with their clients, I believe that counseling and coaching is the perfect blend of guiding people to find a way that works for them.

Sure there are acute situations that require counseling to help someone through a crises, or over an obstacle that may be preventing them from living the life that they would like, but at DIWS we focus on the whole person.

A common experience as a counselor would be an initial session that takes a comprehensive history of the person’s biological history, familial history, social history, physical/medical history, behavioral history, educational history.

From this a professional assessment and plan is created with the client to help them identify areas that they would like to focus on while including highlight patterns that impact them in all areas of their life.

A common coaching experience would be a targeted life area, a goal, actions steps, commitment and accountability.

At DIWS we blend the two world to create pathways to wellness, treating each client as both a product of their past with full possibility for their future.

A clinician/counselor, is a licensed professional, that has the educational background and experience to develop a course of action that includes overcoming historical patterns that have either been learned, or conditioned or created through experiences perhaps beyond the person’s control.
By clearing maladaptive patterns the person is then ready to revise their plan and work toward goals that perhaps at one time seemed impossible.

Practical identification and linkage of resources needed makes realizing goals attainable.

Ongoing and deepening the therapeutic relationship, creates a mechanism that facilitates the person’s ability to receive sometimes difficult awakenings, while at the same time creating a trust that allows coaching toward the desired outcomes possible.

Sure you can go to a coach that is specifically trained to follow a coaching program. Many coaches are wonderful at what they do, however there is no governing body or recourse should you have an experience that is less favorable. Licensed professionals are required by the state they practice in to uphold a code of ethics, complete a set number of ongoing continuing education, and are insured through a professionalassociation.

It is also our belief that even the best program can be difficult to master if at first you don’t do the recovery work before the growth work. Personal development is needed to confidently own and master a life by your own design.

Counseling and coaching goes hand in hand.

Some of the best counseling relationships may even include a separate person to coach you through a specific area.

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An added perk is we accept most major medical insurances to support you with your behavioral health needs.

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