Clinical Strategies

There are a variety of methods to facilitate treatment goals for issues affecting behavioral health.

Behavioral health is the optimal health of ones behaviors, thought or behavioral patterns.

Clinical services are those modes of facilitating wellness.

When a client requests to initiate counseling services, the clinician after thorough assessment, will determine the best mode for the given situation and the person/people involved.

Most commonly used modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that review a persons past, impact that experiences have had on the person, education needed to facilitate overcoming obstacles created by the circumstances both past and present, and specific, measureable, attainable, reasonable and timely goals that will help the person strategically move past the obstacle and closer to optimal function in their lives and relationships.

Another treatment modality used is EMDR. EMDR is a trauma treatment used to help persons who are stuck in the aftermath of trauma and are having difficulty creating a pathway to resilience. Clinicians are specifically trained in the ability to guide the individual through techniques that include both CBT and use of equipment used to create dual focus of awareness while reprocessing mal-adaptive cognitions that are interfering with coping in the present. Click EMDR to read more about this technique.