Building Inner Resources

Within each of us is a light; a unique spirit that was intended to fulfill a purpose.

And at times life can misdirect us; feeding us false evidence appearing real.

Our fears need not control us.

Whether you have people, places, things in your life that encourage you or not, you can develop inner resources.

Inner resources grow from connecting with things that support and encourage you.

Perhaps you have a relative either still here, or that has passed that provided you will a sense of security.

Perhaps you have a favorite place that calms and soothes you.

Perhaps you have a mentor from afar. Someone you may not have met, or may have heard as a face in a crowed or via internet.

Whatever you surround yourself with that supports you becomes your inner resource.

We all need them.

Print out this DIWS BUILDING INNER RESOURCES WORKSHEET 2 PDF….get to know yours.