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  • Mental Health begins with SelfLOVE by Christen Deering, LMSW and Jacqueline Muller, LCSW-R

    As per Misschrisfit, “Its so easy to look at yourself and pick away at all your flaws! You pick and pick and pick until theres nothing left and finally you just feel like giving up.But what if you put back? What if you learned to tell yourself all the accomplishments; all the things that make you unique and wonderful? What if you vocalized only the positives and focused all that attention on building yourself up rather than self-destructing?
    We become our own worst critics because as human beings we are designed to want the vey best. We have this ideal that is almost unreachable. We feel the need to have something to work on. But we don’t have to be negative about it! Its ok to want change for ourselves, its the way we word it that makes all the difference. For example (I cant do anything right is destructive, change that to: ok I messed up, how can I fix this?)
    Simply changing the way your inner voice dictates your private thoughts can change the entire world!”

    Many people think think it’s selfish to put themself first, at DIWS we believe self love it selfless. If we don’t practice loving ourself first then how can we truly love others or how can others know how to treat us. Being for self is not selfish, it’s the way to love ourself into wholeness and then and only then from that place can we give all of ourselves to any person or situation. Reiki is a practice for self care that we use to promote healing of mind body and spirit. During Reiki Practice, Jacqueline Muller, LCSW-R teaches self care. Learn more about what Reiki is by attending one of our classes 1st Fridays at DIWS and 2nd Thursdays at Inner Balance Studio. Find out how to start a practice of selfLOVE and deepen your understanding of the importance of doing so.

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