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  • Brain Breaks

    Brain Breaks

    Brain breaks are short, energizing activities designed to help people take a mental break, refocus, and recharge. 

    We all get caught up in the endless to do list.  What about starting a practice of To Don’ts.  What popped into mind immediately.  If you are like many you probably thought about how you never take a break and feel link you are on a hamster wheel.  They idea of self care and taking a break and distant memory.  

    Start the new year by picking some of the activities below.  Make it fun, choose 20-24 minutes a day and commit to practicing at least 20-24 days of the month. 

    Here’s a list of brain break activities you can try:

    1. Deep Breathing: Inhale deeply for a count of 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4. Repeat.
    2. Stretching: Reach for the sky, touch your toes, or do simple neck and shoulder stretches.
    3. Quick Walk/Jog: Take a brisk walk around the office or do some light jogging in place.
    4. Desk Exercises: Do seated exercises like leg lifts, ankle circles, or seated squats.
    5. Mindful Meditation: Close your eyes, focus on your breath a few minutes, clear your mind.
    6. Dance Break: Put on your favorite energetic song and dance it out for a few minutes.
    7. Brain Teasers: Solve a quick puzzle or brainteaser to engage your mind in a different way.
    8. Visual Break: Look away from the screen, focus on something in the distance, relax your eyes.
    9. Laugh Break: Watch a funny video or tell a joke to lighten the mood.
    10. Coloring or Doodling: Take a break to color in a coloring book or doodle on a notepad.
    11. Quick Game: Play a short, simple game on your phone or computer to shift your focus.
    12. Breath Counting:  Inhale deeply, counting each breath, and see how high you can count before getting distracted.
    13. Sensory Break: Engage your senses with something tactile, like squeezing a stress ball or rubbing a soft fabric.
    14. Word Association: Rapidly think of words associated with a given prompt to stimulate creativity.
    15. Desk Yoga: Do a few simple yoga poses or stretches at your desk.
    16. Positive Affirmations: Take a moment to repeat positive affirmations to boost your mood.
    17. Memory Games: Challenge your memory with a quick game or try recalling a list of items.
    18. Puzzle Break: Solve a crossword puzzle, sudoku, or other quick puzzle.
    19. Daydreaming Break: Take a few moments to let your mind wander and daydream.
    20. Social Break: Take a short break to chat with a colleague or friend.

    Remember to choose brain breaks that work best for you and your preferences. Incorporating these activities into your routine can help improve focus and productivity and give you a more balanced sense of work life harmony.