While many things can contribute to feelings of anxiety it is not the normal or preferable state.

Feeling afraid, nervous, anxious on the edge?

Excessive worrying, trouble relaxing, restlessness?

Left untreated these symptoms can contribute to a disorder known as anxiety.

Living life under extreme or prolonged stress can lead to anxiety.

We all experiences times in our life that are more stressful than others.

There are lots of ways to identify if you are experiencing anxiety.

How long the symptoms are going on?

What triggered symptoms you are experiencing?

Medical conditions?


Whatever is your experience Anxiety is treatable and more often than now something that can be overcome.

If you think you have anxiety here is a quick way to find out where you stand complete this ANXIETY SCREENING TOOL JANUARY 2017 PDF.

Call or schedule a call today and discuss your results. Help is a phone call away 845-702-1042.

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