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  • DI Mission

    Our mission is to educate and empower individuals, families, and groups by addressing their ever changing needs across the lifespan and for multiple generations. By providing customized and creative life care plans we strive to improve the health and wellness of all members of the CommUNITY.

    Dynamic Intervention, LLC (dba HVFC, PLLC) is THE KEYSTONE for commUNITY wellness.

    The Team

    Jackie Muller,LCSWR,SIFI

    Jackie Muller,LCSWR,SIFI

    Jackie Muller is the founder and owner of Dynamic Intervention Wellness Solutions, Wholistic Family Counseling and Services for community wellness.
    Christen Deering, LCSW

    Christen Deering, LCSW

    Christen Deering-Wilcock is the go to in perinatal mental health, addictions and working with those struggling with BPD.  Her talents broaden the Dynamic Intervention...
    Erica De La Cruz, LMSW

    Erica De La Cruz, LMSW

    Navigating through life can be challenging, add trauma, anxiety and/or depression and it can feel unmanageable. My job, while you embark on this new journey in therapy...
    Sharon Flores, LCSW, SIFI

    Sharon Flores, LCSW, SIFI

    Sharon Flores has proudly served in the US Army and brings a broad range of talent, understanding and compassion to the work she does with all members of the community.
    Reilly Weinstein, LMSW

    Reilly Weinstein, LMSW

    As a Licensed Social Worker, Reilly understands the interactive relationship between a person and their environment. Everything, including a person’s mental health, exists within a context.
    Suzette Corona, LMSW

    Suzette Corona, LMSW

    As a LMSW, Suzette believes that the client is the expert of their own life. She encourage clients to take lead of the session and discuss what they feel is necessary to share. She likes to use motivational interviewing to encourage the client to step out of out their comfort zone and really explore their areas of concern. She welcome casual language if it helps the client express how they feel.
    Angelina Deering, Practice Manager

    Angelina Deering, Practice Manager

    Angelina comes to our practice with years of experience managing and coordinating client’s care and questions.  She is currently working with us part time as she attends local university to obtain her degree in nursing.

    Clients We Serve

    We Specialize in Working with Young Adults?

    While we are certain we can help most anyone experiencing overwhelm and difficulty prioritizing and actualizing their goals, we’ve discovered that we do our best work with young adults who embody the following characteristics:

    Proactive – clients who don’t want to sit in a therapist’s office for years rehashing the past. They want to figure out how they got into their unique situation, and what they can do about it.

    Open-Minded – clients who enjoy learning new things and come to their sessions with an open, interested mind and a willingness to get to the heart of the matter.

    Ready and Able – clients who are generally healthy people and prefer to resolve their situation consciously and without quick fix gimmicks, pills and prescriptions.

    High-Performers – clients who are self-motivated and are used to accomplishing what they set out to do.

    Personal Developers – clients who have a deep desire to understand what drives them and to explore how to become the best version of themselves. They understand that the new recipe for success requires becoming increasingly aware, paying attention to life’s messages, and they strive to live consciously.

    We’ve helped many people overcome a variety of obstacles that is inevitable in life, and have found we do our best work with clients who have the following characteristics…

    Clients who are…

    • Trying to choose a degree, have just finished their degree, or have landed their first job and are thinking “now what?”
    • Fairly new to making ‘adult” decisions
    • Like to make better decisions that bring them closer to their goals.
    • Open to creating routines and rituals that make decision making easier.
    • Have a creative way of viewing life.
    • Enjoy reading and are not afraid of writing and creating systems
    • Life learners open to learning new ways to view the life they’ve lived so far.
    • Health, community and world conscious.
    • Want to shorten the length of time they spend looping over past events that only cause them to waist precious time they could be spending on tackling their goals.
    • Are willing to move forward and accept that they can not change the past. That they didn’t cause it, can’t control it and certainly can’t help something that is already done
    • Want to learn new ways to cope with life and improve what happens to them moving forward.
    • Are eager to learn how their experiences have impacted them so that they can develop skills needed to diminish the past’s hold on them and confidently move forward.
    • Come to their sessions with an open mind and willingness to get real and deal with what they really want out of life.
    • Have been high achievers, the are looking to turn this positive trait toward tackling limiting beliefs and second guessing themselves.
    • Are life learners and seek ways to improve themselves body, mind and spirit.
    • Understand that life is a journey where the only mistake is to not learn from our mistakes.

    Our best clients appreciate and interactive style of counseling and coaching that is a partnership of action and accountability.

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