Mental Health begins with SelfLOVE by Christen Deering, LMSW and Jacqueline Muller, LCSW-R

As per Misschrisfit, “Its so easy to look at yourself and pick away at all your flaws! You pick and pick and pick until theres nothing left and finally you just feel like giving up.But what if you put back? What if you learned to tell yourself all the...

If You Bite It, Write It by Angelina Deering, Fitness Coach

Here at DIWS we promote journaling for many different reasons. Journaling can be good for your mental health, reducing built-up stress and enhancing your creativity, but did you know it could also be a vital component in your physical health? Throughout the day many people don’t realize how much...

Today I went to therapy, as I do every week, as I have been for the past two years. Some people ask “why do you go to therapy, you don’t look like there’s anything wrong with you,” to which I reply “do you always wait until there is something wrong to go to the doctor?” My point is that mental health should be seen as preventive care. It should be a top priority for all of us. I can honestly say that I feel so much better in my own skin today than I ever had before because I took my own mental health seriously. Why do we wait until it hurts so much we want to scream, or until something terrible happens in our lives to realize that our thoughts and feelings are important?

Today I went to therapy and I had a conversation with a person who is there to listen to me with whatever it is on my mind, and she has no personal gain in the outcome, and when I left, I felt a weight lifted, as I do every week. What you are feeling IS IMPORTANT! It isn’t dumb to need to talk about that one thing you always say “never mind its nothing.” Today I challenge you to sit and give yourself time to really appreciate everything you feel and experience internally.

Today I went to therapy and I’m not afraid to tell any one that I can’t do it alone… None of us can!

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