jackieJacqueline Muller is a licensed clinical social worker in New York State for 20+ years, specializing in working with women to overcome trauma and limiting beliefs so that they embrace the gifts and strengths that they have and design the life they’ve dreamed of. Her style, a dance between counseling/recovering and coaching/helping facilitate growth, is a transformative and interactive cognitive behavioral process that reprocesses, restructures and re-launches the brilliance inside of every woman. Embracing all cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations and family compositions, Jacqueline is on a mission to help women BE THE CHANGE they wish to see in their lives.

AngelinaAngelina Michelle is a 25 year old college student currently in school to become a RDN (Registered Dietician). She is making it her goal to become the person her clients would admire. She currently helps clients and practitioners at DIWS create changes in their lifestyle through fitness and nutrition mentoring. A guest blogger she also has her own blog where you can follow her FIT FOR THOUGHT journey.